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Information on the areas surrounding Tolo

During your stay at Villa Soula why not explore the immediate areas of interest around.

Nafplion: Just 10 minutes away from Tolo by car (or a short bus ride) Nafplion, the first capital of Greece after the revolution can be found. A magical atmosphere makes this town a magnet at all times of the year to both foreign and Greek tourists. It has a cosmopolitan feel about it and architecture from the Turks, Venetians, Franks and Ottomans who all at some time ruled Nafplion. The delightful narrow alleyways with overhanging balconies, Constitution Square, the cafeteries along the harbour and the castles of Palamidi, Acronafplia and the Bourtzi Island castle are all favourites. Visit the Archaeological museum, the Folklore museum, the Military museum, the Worry Bead museum or the Ouzo museum. Nafplion is definiTEL & FAXy worth a visit during your stay in Tolo.

Argolida: The Argolida (Argolis) is world famous for the archaeological sites of Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros. Its close proximity to Athens, its many beaches and the many activities available make it a popular destination. Try a visit to the oldest pyramid in Greece at Argoliko, the Natural History museum in Ligourio, the twin chasms in the mountains of Didyma or the Nea Kios beach bird santuary.

Peloponnese: Visit the sites of Corinth Canal, Nemea, Ancient Olympia, Mystra, Monemvasia, Sparta, Doros Caves and many more all which are within a day trip of Tolo.